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A Beginner’s Guide To Choose The Right Solar Panels For Home In Ogden And Utah In 2023-24

The decision to install solar panels brings you one of those rarest opportunities for making a profit while doing something good. With this motivation, more than 2 million homeowners decided to go with solar energy for their homes. Are you also considering installing Solar Panels for Home in Ogden and its surroundings? Then, you must know how to choose the right panels for your needs.

Since there are so many different types of solar panels and modules available in the market, having some basic knowledge will help you make an informed decision.

Here are some tips on choosing the best solar panels for home in Utah, Ogden, and surrounding areas

Evaluate Your Energy Needs

What type of solar system and the number of solar panels you need for your home should be determined by the energy usage of your home.

  • First, find out the current electricity usage on average.

  • Besides, you should also consider how much you want to offset with solar energy.

Go with The Right Type of Solar Panels

Different types of solar panels come with different advantages and disadvantages. Following are three major types of solar panels available in the market –

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels: Most affordable and ideal for areas with high temperatures; though lower efficiency

  • Mono PERC Solar Panels: Better performance in low light conditions and higher efficiency than Polycrystalline; though a bit expensive

  • Half-Cut Solar Panels: Relatively new technology for better performance and higher efficiency in high temperature; expensive but cost-saving for the long run

Now, based on your energy needs, budget, and the amount of sunlight accessible in your area, you can consult with your Solar Panels Installer in Ogden and its surroundings to choose the right panel type.

Consider The Quality of Solar Panels

Choose a high-quality solar panel that has –

  • A good warranty period, ideally 25 years

  • Warranty that covers defects and performance issues

  • Good reviews and high ratings online

Check The Solar Panel Efficiency

It’s always better to go with high-efficiency solar panels as they can convert maximum solar energy into usable electricity. Moreover, an expert Solar Panels Installer in Utah can arrange these high-efficiency panels even within a limited space as they can produce more electricity with fewer panels.

Consider Your Location

The type of solar panels you choose should also depend on the location you live.

  • If you live in a hot, dry, and sunny area, you need to go with solar panels with higher temperature ratings.

  • If you live somewhere with a cooler climate, you should go for panels with lower temperature ratings.

Check For Certifications

Before buying Solar Panels for Home in Ogden, make sure these have all the necessary certifications. Ideally, solar panels certified by the BIS, IEC, ALMM, ISO, or other highly recognized organizations bear the proof that these have been maintained the industry standards.

Compare Prices

Once you consider the above criteria and narrow down your options, go for comparing prices of various solar panels. While you can shop around to get the best deal, don’t forget that quality should always be your priority.

Get Professional Help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the complex process of choosing the right Solar Panels for Home in Utah, get professional help. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from an experienced solar expert like Second Sun Solar to choose the best solar panels for your needs.

If you still have any queries or need help with solar panel installation, contact our experts who have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right solar choice.


Q. How many solar panels does an average-sized home in the USA need?

A. If an average-sized home in the United States is 2,480 square feet, it may need 15 to 22 full-sized solar panels to generate electricity for the entire home.

Q. Can solar panels work at night?

A. Since solar panels ideally need sunlight to generate energy, they can’t work at night. From other light sources, the output of generating energy is very low.

Q. What are the different modules of solar systems any solar installer in Utah offers?

A. A reputable solar panels installer in Utah and its surroundings deals with three types of solar system modules –

  • Grid-tied systems

  • Hybrid solar systems

  • Off-grid solar systems

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