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  1. System Cost at all time low.

  2. Zero down financing

  3. federal tax credit of 26%

  4. state tax credit up to $1600

  5. 2020 is the year to save!

Commercial Solar

  1. Up to 60% savings

  2. Grants are available

  3. put the money that you save back into your business.

Curious what solar could do for you?

Be Powerful and declare energy independence!

Consulting, System Designing, and Changing the world, one solar panel at a time.

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3 reason to go with

Second Sun Solar

Lowest Prices

Second Sun Solar has the lowest prices guaranteed. We consistently provide one of the best cost per watt pricing. We give you exactly what you pay for and we do it at a great value with options like our bulk purchase program along with many affordable financing choices.

Quality Service

From our sales team to our install team, you can count on quality service.  Will always take care of you. 

We want you to feel comfortable, respected, confident, and know that you are not just a client, but a friend.



Second Sun Solar is one of the largest and most experienced residential and commercial solar contractor in both Utah and Idaho. Renewable power generation is all we do.


#1 Reason, We Guarantee the LOWEST Price!

How we got start...

Second Sun Solar all began when a 14 year old teenager came home from school and had a desire to save planet, one polar bear at a time. 

Darrell Rasmussen saw an opportunity to change the way we get power. He saw an opportunity help make a better future for our family, friends, and neighbors by making solar affordable to everyone!

Panel Brand: Silfab

 I knew exactly what I wanted, because I spent 3 years researching if solar make sense for our house and situation. 
Tried different quotes from 7 different companies, and finally stopped at Second Sun Solar. Never regretted. 
Fast and efficient we were able to complete all buroucratic portion within month and a half and installation took couple of days (in the middle of winter!) thanks to professional crew. There was couple of panes that was not pinging, but Darrell took the situation under his control and fix issues immediately.
Then he followed up to make sure that everything is working well. Which is very important in business. 
I will highly recommend this company to enyone looking for solar panels installation.

Panel Brand: LG

At almost one year into my DIY solar installation I could not be happier. My experience working with Darrell and Second Sun Solar was excellent. He gave me confidence to move forward with my DIY solar installation. I could not be more happy with his panel and inverter recommendation. After purchase, all the equipment was quickly delivered directly to my home, including panels, inverters and racking and was found in good condition. Great job to Darrell and Second Sun Solar

Panel Brand: Silfab

I heard an ad for Second Sun Solar on the radio and gave Darrell a call. I went to their website and found an excellent priced solar package. Darrell's crew came out soon afterwards and installed the solar panels. The workers were a great bunch. They did an excellent job. I am very happy with the purchase I made with Darrell. I would do it again. I called another installer, and they wanted more money than Darrell. I went with a bigger package, just in case I use more electricity in the future. I love my new solar system, it's awesome. I saw the panels as they were installing them. Darrell told me the name, but I don't remember. They come with a 25 year prorated warranty and I got that little box so I can see what percentage the panels are putting out.


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Tel: 1-888-233-1881

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