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5 Best Ways To Improve The Efficiency Of Solar In Utah

All over the world, there is increasing pressure everywhere to switch to renewable energy solutions and reduce their carbon footprints. And when we say ‘everywhere’ we mean both commercial and residential sectors. While installing solar panels seems to spend a fortune for many people, some are not taking proper steps to maintain the efficiency of Solar Utah. As a result, the outcomes are not as profitable as they could be expected.

Here are our top five tips to improve solar efficiency in residential and commercial sectors –

5 Tips To Improve Solar Panel Efficiency

Invest in high-efficiency solar panel models

It is the photovoltaic cell in solar panels that can convert solar energy in the form of usable electricity. However, it is beyond the capacity of a solar panel to transform the entire solar energy it receives into electricity. With technological advancement, the efficiency of solar cells has increased from around 15% to 20%. The efficiency of panels also depends on their materials and structure.

Although the initial cost of investing in highly efficient models can be arguably expensive, it would be worth investment over time. You can check with a reputable Solar Panels Installer Utah to find out the most efficient solar panel models for commercial and residential sectors.

Choose panels with highly concentrated photovoltaic cells

Photovoltaic (CPV) cells lead the sunlight towards an extremely high-efficiency solar cell. Without CPV cells, it would too expensive to use directly. Whereas the traditional panel’s efficiency can reach up to 22%, the cells with CPV panels can peak at 46% or more.

However, high efficiency always comes with an expensive price tag for CPV panels. Still, you should consider investing in CPV models to make solar efficiency optimal.

Avoid shaded areas for solar panel installation

Installing solar panels without sunlight makes no sense as it affects the electricity output. Even if you keep one photovoltaic cell under the shade, it would impact the electricity generated by its surrounding cells. Here, the single cell would act as a resistor. Avoid areas shaded with tall trees and buildings to place your Solar in Utah.

Keep your solar panels clean

Although solar panels require minimum maintenance, it would be best to clean them occasionally to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt on them. Here, you need to consider several factors to determine the frequency of your cleaning schedule. One of them is how frequently it rains in your place.

Find an expert solar panels installer in Utah

Solar panels, if installed wrongly, cannot receive an optimal amount of sunlight and as a result, will produce less energy. An experienced installer typically places panels at an angle between 18 to 36 degrees to ensure maximum sun exposure. The orientation of the panel is another important decision for the installer.

Since you have all of this information now, you should probably a reputable installer to install your Solar in Utah. Choosing an installer like Second Sun Solar would be a great decision to improve solar panel efficiency.


Q. How many solar panels does your home need?

A. If you live in a house of roughly 1500 sq ft, you may need to install 15 to 18 solar panels, which may vary.

Q. What are the different types of solar panels?

A. Usually, three types of panels are available for generating solar in Utah, including –

· Monocrystalline Solar Panels

· Polycrystalline Solar Panels

· Thin-Film Solar Panels

Q. Are solar panels popular in Utah?

A. Solar in Utah comes to 12th rank in terms of solar conversions. Customers also get plenty of incentives. However, solar energy rates need to improve, which are now below the national average.

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