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Is Your Business Missing Out These Benefits Of Installing Commercial Solar Panels In Utah?

The cost of electricity is one of those overhead costs that every business owner wishes to minimize. When they depend on the commercial power grid, they are invariably subject to electric rate fluctuations. As a business owner, if you don’t want to experience a sudden rise in your commercial electricity bills, it’s time to go green with commercial solar. Installing commercial Solar Panel Utah is rapidly becoming mainstream alternative energy practice.

Now if you are still thinking “how can my business benefit from solar panel installation”, have a look at the benefits of using commercial solar energy.

Benefits of Using Commercial Solar For Businesses

Money Saving

Installing solar panels helps businesses save money in various ways. Although the upfront cost of solar panel installation is high, you can retrieve the cost and save more within three to five years after installation.

If you get the installation work done by a reputable Commercial Solar Contractor Utah, you can expect the panels to last at least 25 years. In the long term, you will gain a good return on your investment, which you can use for different purposes to grow your business.

Federal investment tax credits

The investment tax credit (ITC) means to encourage federal businesses to invest in solar panels and backup batteries with more affordability. The federal investment tax credit covers a certain percentage of the installation cost for both commercial and residential solar equipment. However, the percentage reduces every year.

The current ITC programs in Utah permit a 30% rebate on the total solar system cost, including the costs of buying and installing Solar Panel in Utah. Also, there is a 25% rebate over the Utah state taxes, maxing out at $800. Since the rebate percentage will decrease over time, you can save money by going solar sooner rather than later.

Reduced environmental impact

The electricity sector causes a massive source of CO2 emissions in the U.S. Here, renewable energy sources like solar, geothermal, and wind don’t contribute to pollution and climate change. Solar electricity decreases the amount of carbon dioxide and different greenhouse gasses. By hiring a reliable Commercial Solar Contractor in Utah, you can swift to green energy and reduce the environmental impact caused by your business. This will also leave an eco-friendly impression about your business value among customers.

Commercial Solar in Utah

If you are looking for the Best Solar Energy Company Utah to install an array of solar panels or solar backup batteries, Second Sun Solar is always there to help you find the right solar solutions that work for your business.


Q. Is it worth installing solar panel in Utah?

A. Yes, going solar is worth enough in Utah, especially when you consider installing solar panels is worth in most areas in this state.

Q. What is the payback duration for solar in Utah?

A. The average payback period in Utah is 10.29 years, whereas several affordable financing options are available for solar panel systems in the state.

Q. How much are the commercial solar incentives in Utah?

A. At present, the Federal investment tax credit programs offer a 30% rebate for the entire cost of solar installation and this will continue up to 2032.

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