Sol-Ark 12K Outdoor: Making Install Easier

Changes: Available now, NEMA4 (certs coming), 63A Passthrough, 9.6KW AC Coupling (w/ measurements), Rapid Shutdown that powers PV/AC/Batt off, Easier to wire / install (but cover LCD if in direct sun).The Manual is on our Support Site.

Ethernet / Wi-Fi Monitoring Dongles

Ask your Sol-Ark 8K customers to update (if they haven't already) so we can service them better (like adjusting settings). You can upgrade to this more powerful app and WiFi plug here. Ethernet+WiFi plug, please email (w/ subject "Ethernet WiFi". They are also outdoor rated.

Update Software to MCU = vXX72, Comm = 1412

  • Improved AC Coupling to make TOU charging of batts automatic.
  • AC Coupling with Dark Start ability.
  • Grid and Generator peak shaving: never overload again.
  • Ability to switch from self consumption to Batt sell per timeslot.
  • Programmable % Batt shutoff for generators
  • Parallel: Master Programs all slave settings
  • Increased CT measurements from 6000W to 9000W
  • Bug fixes
  • Email (w/ Serial #) for an update.

Sol-Ark 12k Outdoor rated

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